Oyster Frenzy

September 30, 2009

At high noon this Saturday, October 3rd, The Oyster Bar at Grand Central is loosening the straight jacket on bivalves from around the country…it’s time for the annual Oyster Frenzy!


From Big Atlantics to Petit Pacifics, Sweet Kumamotos to Salty Cape Mays, this all day event will feature slurping and shucking contests, chef demos and a wide variety of beverages to fit the pairing preferences of just about anybody. 

Grand Central Oyster Bar is a seafood destination restaurant located deep in the belly of Manhattan’s busiest transportation hub, Grand Central Terminal.  The restaurant actually opened along with the terminal itself back in 1913, so it has quite a bit of historical cache.  Aside from the quality seafood, one of the finer aspects of a dining experience at the GCOB is the ambiance. 


The design highlight is certainly the beautiful vaulted, tiled ceilings which fit the Grand Central architectural scheme so well.  If you visit, make a point of trying to score a seat at one of the old-school u-shaped bars with tiny white Jr. captain’s seats, or ideally, in the heat of the action at the oyster bar itself, where you can watch Carlos and his team of skilled shuckers give street cred behind the frenzy.

Lastly, I might add that the archway in front of the restaurant is also famous in it’s own right for an unusual acoustical quirk.  Basically, someone standing in one corner can hear someone standing in the other corner perfectly well no matter how softly they speak. 


Not sure if this fun little aspect of the GCOB experience is an accidental or intentional result of the arched design, but it certainly makes for a fun experiment after imbibing on oysters and champagne!  No visit to the Oyster Bar would be complete without it. 

For more information, to inquire about entering one of the contests, or to make reservations for the annual Oyster Frenzy email info@oysterbarny.com or log onto www.oysterbarny.com

The Good Herring and his Herring Lass will certainly be there this Saturday to participate in the frenzy and fete the birthday of the world-famous DJ Probiotic.


2 Responses to “Oyster Frenzy”

  1. the aforementioned probiotic said

    In my mind, I have already eaten 24 oysters of many varieties. Oooh gurl, good post.

  2. Jazzy said

    Recently discovered the Clams Casino, and I will never be the same again. As Carlos, says, they are the only one’s who still do Casino the ol’ fashioned way.

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