Doncamatic Style

November 16, 2010

Check out this great new aquatic-themed video from Damon Albarn and his troupe of animated ice pirates, the Gorillaz.

The video accompaniment to the bands’ new single documents the obstacle-ridden underwater journey of a sassy soul singer named Daley in his one-man rave-up of a submarine.   The coordinates for his secret destination were locked-in at launch; Daley completes his mission in posh style, surfacing safely at Gorillaz HQ on Plastic Beach.  If only that submarine came as a two-seater!

Keep your eyes peeled for the herring school and superfast jellyfish cameos…

The cartoon band’s Murdoc had this to say about the track:

“I actually found Daley washed up on Plastic Beach – covered in oil and singing to a seagull…or was it an albatross? Anyway, I recognise golden pipes when I hear em’ so I popped a bag over his head, hosed the boy down and chucked him in the studio with Noodle and her 8-track. I left them to it while I stepped outside for a Lucky Lung or three, and when I popped back in this is what they’d come up with! Am I a genius or WHAT?!?”

Doncamatic is released on November 22nd, 2010 as a 7” picture disc, CD single and digital bundle.  Take your pick.